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Captain Eric Winkle Brown RN

 One of the world's greatest pilots

   His Great Achievements Summarised
  • Born in Edinburgh 21 January 1919
  • Studied German at Edinburgh University 1939,
  • Trained to fly with Edinburgh University Air Squadron
  • Flew with the Royal Navy from 1939,
  • Highly decorated war service -DSC, AFC,
  • World record for aircraft carrier landings - 2407,
  • World record for number of different aircraft types flown - 487,
  • Test flew many Luftwaffe aircraft from 1942
  • Interrogated leading Nazis in 1945
  • Distinguished career as a Chief Naval Test Pilot,
  • Honorary doctorate from Edinburgh University - 2008.
  • Interviewed by Kirsty Young for the 3000th edition of Desert Island Discs - 2014
  • He died February 2016, aged 97.
Winkle as C.O. at RNAS Lossiemouth
The Winkle statue at Edinburgh Airport

Watch the video on Winkle's life

Watch the video of the statue unveiling

The group of happy looking youngsters below were a team of fifteen from the High Life Highland youth leadership programme who, funded by the Winkle Memorial Fund, all experienced first time flying at Inverness airport on the 22nd Feb 2019. They were "so,so happy" reported their supervisor so do help to get some more up and flying. 

High Life _MG_2154.jpg

                                Thank you so much for your support.

Edinburgh University Air Squadron Association,

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